Not ‘commuting’ either! Since ‘commute’ is yet another finance term. “I’m traveling.”

Add ‘commute’ to the list of finance words applied to the action traveling in a car from point A to point B. Commute, as it turns out, means: to convert (something, such as a payment) into another form. ‘The periodic payments may be commutedinto a lump sum.’ (dictionary source) They describe everything in a financial way […]

Travel Document application requests ‘given name’ and ‘family name’

The Dept of Homeland Security’s application for a travel document request a ‘given name’ and ‘family name’. Mentioning this for those who question the authenticity or value of these labels. This application is for a man or woman not an artificial U.S. person. I previously pointed this out on some driver’s licenses: Related The phrase […]

We are NOT ‘members of the public’. And their codes only apply to the public.

The word deception applies to the phrase ‘member of the public‘. Public means government as is public schools or public property. Consequently, ‘the public’ refers to gov’t employees. Therefore, we are not members of ‘the public’. We are members of ‘the private’. They apply this deception because their codes only apply to the public, meaning […]