They speak French so flip their words – ‘law merchant’ is ‘merchant law’, ‘passport’ is ‘portpass’

Intro Even diehard proponents of the topics covered here are still not translating French words and this leads to confusion. Statute Merchant is Merchant Statute Citizenship is Ship Citizen Passport is Port Pass Understand is Stand Under Law Merchant is Merchant Law Statute Staple is Staple Statute Commerce refers business on the water – ‘Mer’ […]

Lemonade stand owner fails to rebut presumptions that she sells to the public, meaning gov’t

A lemonade stand owner, a particularly young one, was duped into believing she was selling to the public and consequently the police/policy officers, who enforce gov’t codes, stopped her for selling without a license. “the city ordinance in Alliance states that vendors must obtain licenses before selling products to the public“ The big mistake was […]

Man threatens congressman, and Just-ice Dept calls it commerce. Because all crimes are commercial.

A California man sent threats to a Florida congressman, and the Florida Just-ice Dept charged him with: “one count of transmission of a threat in interstate commerce“! I think he sent a threat, not an offer for a California timeshare. But all crimes are commercial. Why? Because STATE OF FLORIDA is a corporation, specifically a franchise […]

When they ‘give’ an order, are they really placing an order? With a lot of yelling and mean looks.

Since most governments have incorporated, they are now corporations, and can only deal with other corporations. When their policy/police officers and magistrates give orders are they really placing an order? If they are, then that order can be declined. i can’t ignore it, as that it seems will place me into contempt or I guess […]