How to deal with police officers (not police men or women)

This post is part of a series that explains a vast web of ideas that have convinced you that you must attend government schools, obey government curfews, and many other outrageous things that enslave you. The idea is that what you think of the government is actually a club (or society) that has gained control (jurisdiction) over you by offering you contracts that were actually voluntary, but once you became involved in those contracts, the rules of the club are mandatory. The contracts are the birth certificate, the social security number, your parents’ marriage license, the driver’s license and other laws.

The way to deal with police is as follows. First, a police officer is an officer of the club/corporation that issued the licenses or contracts note above. A police man or woman is a human that keeps the peace and enforces variants of the basic law to not harm another human. When it comes to enforcing statutes  of the club/corporation, you are dealing with a police officer.

The key part of the videos below is that a police officer can only enforce the curfew or mandatory schooling if you provide a name and birth date. Otherwise, they can’t apply the statute to your person.

person is a corporation, it’s not a human. It’s a persona. When people complain that the government considers a corporation to be a person, they are complaining about the wrong thing. A person or persona has always referred to corporations. The real tragedy is that we have been convinced that we must stand by the person/corporation that has the same name as the one we think refers to ourselves.

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