EU downgraded to ‘international organization’. Will The USofA be next?

The Trump Administration downgraded the status of the European Union to ‘international organization‘, rescinding the ‘nation-state’ status. This is appropriate since the EU is not a nation-state, it is a union, as the word ‘union’ is in the name. The change affects the EU’s delegation to the USofA. This will hopefully slow, what I believe, […]

IRS Jurisdiction – Just Leave Me Alone

Editor’s Notes: I do not know the original title to this book. The footnotes are not formatted. Footnotes occur at the original page breaks. Here is a PDF Version I.          Just leave me alone! (The reasons why you should allow your peace to be disturbed) Nothing upsets me quite as much as the know-it-all who […]

Treasury Decision 2313

Treasury Decisions Under Internal Revenue Laws of the United States Vol. 18 January-December 1916 G. McAdoo Secretary of the Treasury Washington Government Printing Office 1917 (T.D. 2313) Income Tax Taxability of interest from bonds and dividends on stock of domestic corporations owned by nonresident aliens, and the liabilities of nonresident aliens under section 2 of […]

Woe unto you lawyers – Study Guide

This content comes from the publisher of U.S. of A. vs U.S. Woe Unto You Lawyers! Study Guide Congratulations! You have taken the first step on your educational “yellow brick road.” Please get ready for the next leg of the journey. In 1939, just after the “Switch in Time” of 1937, Fred Rodell, a 32-year-old […]

Legal Name Fraud Explained from ‘Lose the Name’

by kate of kaia Also see: Babylon is Fallen Birth Certificate Fraud Before any fraud can be revealed, a simple understanding of what fraud actually is is critical to grasp the enormity of the fraud placed on humanity overall. Fraud is simply a knowing attempt to deceive another to steal from them. Plain and simple, […]