NY Times article refers to man as “Chinese national’. Author does not use citizen or ship-citizen

I’m a national of one of the 50 united states. I feel more comfortable saying ‘national’ every time I read an article that describes people from other nation-states as nationals. Yu, a 23-year-old student at New York University, has also become — quite unintentionally — a case study in how Chinese nationals can move money from China […]

Portpass agency knows “without United States” option – Part 2 of State Dept Portpass experience

Portpass/passport agency within DC knows difference between within versus without United States. I explained that I — as a man — have never received a (social) security number. My attached declaration explained this in detail. Yet, they required use of their short form that only covered this point. They initially gave me a form that […]

Portpass delayed or denied! Pressured by State Dept Kasahun: Mulat to provide ’employer’ and ‘zip code’ – Part 1 of State Dept Portpass experience

U.S. State Department has thus far denied my request for a travel papers as a state citizen! Much of it do to the pressure and lies from Kasahun: Mulat [Kasahun Mulat], employed for at least six years at State Department. Kasahun pressured me into adding (1) occupation (2) ’employer’ (3) a federal zip code. Fortunately, […]

USPS has a monopoly on U.S. Mails (meaning federal activity), but not sending letters within and without the states.

It’s a subtle misleading claim to say United States Postal Service has a monopoly on sending U.S. mail. Yes, they have a monopoly on federal business mail, because United States created the corporation and gave them a monopoly. But USPS does not have a monopoly on non-U.S. mail. Mail means routes and U.S. means the federal government. U.S. […]