Signature-card of bank tries to Shanghai me into U.S. jurisdiction

The bank signature-card–to provide a signature when opening an account–can place one into the U.S. jurisdiction. The form prominently assumes ‘U.S. citizen’ or other ‘U.S. Person’ status. Only in de-emphasized print, below the U.S. citizen area, is there a note for non-resident alien depositors (that’s me!) must complete the W-8 form and not make the […]

The Income Tax Challenge. A transcribed interview with David:Williams of NoThanksIRS

. Editor’s Note: Content from No Thanks, IRS! – Helping Americans legally OPT OUT of income tax since 2009. ( ————————————————— The Income Tax Challenge Hello everyone. Welcome to our program today wherein we reveal information that challenges the popular narrative about federal and state income taxes. Many of the tax researchers who comprise the […]

Correct the W2! Someone made a false claim against me, I need to correct the record. Rebut the claim.

Now that we’re in tax season, it’s important to correct any erroneous claims on W2 and 1099 forms. See sample letter below. Introduction Only do this if thou really knows what this all means. Those still brain-washed might get themselves accused of making ‘frivolous’ claims. So proceed carefully. A frivolous claim is something that contradicts […]

Justice dept calls it “District of Maryland” not Maryland. What is District of Maryland?

We have more proof that United States does not technically operate within any of the union states, where it lacks jurisdiction. United States Department of Just-ice has a team overseeing an area called ‘District of Maryland’. As Dorothy would say, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Here’s a screenshot of a recent press release. Notice ‘DISTRICT […]

Tax form says ‘individual’ means ‘sole-proprietor’. Individual is not a man. It means a company, an entity.

A tax form i came across revealed part of the deception about the tax on federal income. The tax form, on a vendor site, lists ‘entity‘ options, and the first option in the list is “individual / sole proprietor”. Hence, this likely means when IRS refers to an individual, IRS means a company of one. […]