The True History

American Citizen, or U.S. citizen? There appears to be general misunderstanding by people in general as to the difference between a natural person and an artificial person. This document will explain that difference. John Joseph Smith, is a natural, flesh and blood, person, created by God. JOHN JOSEPH SMITH, is a U.S. corporate artificial person, […]

Invisible Contracts by Mercier – Intro

This book explains why judges might say, “…the Constitution does not apply here.” It is because the accused has a contract with the accuser. Here’s an excerpt from Invisible Contracts by Mercier. After reading, please download the PDF. And read the rest of Invisible Contracts online. ———————————————————— By the time you receive this letter in […]

Short Posts

June 26 The government of Missouri City is called “City of Missouri City”. I find this odd! June 14, 2019 Authorities are using the phrase ‘person of interest’ instead of ‘suspect’. Any use of the word ‘person’ is suspicious. It’s part of a movement to commercial or legal words, rather than lawful words. A suspect […]

Citizen or citizen?

by Richard, McDonald On the face. this discussion might seem to be a matter of semantics, but upon closer inspection of the law, the distinction is quite clear. The term “citizen of the united states” was not defined in the original U.S. constitution, as that term was commonly understood to mean a “citizen of one […]

Articles by Richard, MacDonald

The Story of the Buck Act by Richard McDonald edited by John E. Trumane In order for you to understand the full import of what is happening, I must explain certain laws to you. When passing new statutes, the Federal government always does everything according to the principles of law. In order for the Federal […]