“Invisible Contracts” by George Mercier

The Armen Condo Letter In August, 1984, Armen Condo, Founder of Your Heritage Protection Agency (“YHPA”) was being prosecuted by the Federal Government under numerous tax related statutes, as well as other collateral charges such as mail fraud. The YHPA is still (the record holds to this day), the largest organized tax protester group to […]

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From an archived site. LINKS TO EDUCATE YOURSELF brought to you by case-winning, lawyer-written, self-help tutorials that show people how easy it is to win in court … with or without a lawyer. WHY THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN AMERICA  10/19/05 PEA IN A CUP  7/7/05 HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN  5/10/05 LIBERTY […]

The True History

American Citizen, or U.S. citizen? There appears to be general misunderstanding by people in general as to the difference between a natural person and an artificial person. This document will explain that difference. John Joseph Smith, is a natural, flesh and blood, person, created by God. JOHN JOSEPH SMITH, is a U.S. corporate artificial person, […]

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January 13, 2021 If the 50 states are not nations, as in nation-states, why does each state have a national guard? Reminded of this because the national guard from many states are in the District of Columbia. June 26 The government of Missouri City is called “City of Missouri City”. I find this odd! June 14, […]

Articles by Richard, MacDonald

The Story of the Buck Act by Richard McDonald edited by John E. Trumane In order for you to understand the full import of what is happening, I must explain certain laws to you. When passing new statutes, the Federal government always does everything according to the principles of law. In order for the Federal […]

Archive – Welcome to the state Citizen’s Service Center

This is an archived page from another site no longer accessible.                      INTRODUCTION This web site is dedicated to informing the people about their secured rights and heritage as it pertains to state Citizenship.     The information you’ll find here was painstakingly and meticulously researched by state Citizen, […]

How to Correct Your Political Status and Why

How to Correct Your Political Status and Why By Anna Von Reitz Chances are you aren’t obligated to be considered any form of federal Municipal CITIZEN nor as a federal Territorial Citizen, but you have been entrapped in a profit-making scheme that pretends that you have knowingly and willingly agreed to act as a volunteer […]