Top 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate – Birthright Citizenship vs Corporate Slave Citizenship

Notice: all the details on this site are complicated. Statutes may apply to thou, if thou has contracts with the entity issuing the statutes. By visiting this site, you indemnify the authors.  Via By Anna Von Reitz Originally: Tue, Apr 14, 2015 Introduction I am not an activist. I am a Judge of the […]

Let their be light! Incandescent light bulbs still lawful within the 50 states. Federal ban applies to territories only.

Making and trading [selling] incandescent light bulbs may be illegal within United States but it’s still lawful within the 50 states of the union. This is because United States does not mean the 50 states. United States means federal territories and federal land. Simplest proof is in the 14th Amendment, Section 3, which differentiates between […]

Don’t say California has two constitutions. California has a constitution. STATE OF CALIFORNIA has a constitution. Two different entities.

In this genre, people often think the deception replaced reality. In truth, the deception sits under reality. Take for example the claim that California has ‘two constitutions’ or that the 1879 constitution replaced the 1849 constitution. The truth is that the 1849 constitution created the California. Whereas, the 1879 constitution was created by STATE OF […]

NY Times article refers to man as “Chinese national’. Author does not use citizen or ship-citizen

I’m a national of one of the 50 united states. I feel more comfortable saying ‘national’ every time I read an article that describes people from other nation-states as nationals. Yu, a 23-year-old student at New York University, has also become — quite unintentionally — a case study in how Chinese nationals can move money from China […]

Portpass agency knows “without United States” option – Part 2 of State Dept Portpass experience

Portpass/passport agency within DC knows difference between within versus without United States. I explained that I — as a man — have never received a (social) security number. My attached declaration explained this in detail. Yet, they required use of their short form that only covered this point. They initially gave me a form that […]

Portpass delayed or denied! Pressured by State Dept Kasahun: Mulat to provide ’employer’ and ‘zip code’ – Part 1 of State Dept Portpass experience

U.S. State Department has thus far denied my request for a travel papers as a state citizen! Much of it do to the pressure and lies from Kasahun: Mulat [Kasahun Mulat], employed for at least six years at State Department. Kasahun pressured me into adding (1) occupation (2) ’employer’ (3) a federal zip code. Fortunately, […]