‘United States’ is short for ‘United States Government’. When they say ‘in the United States’ they mean ‘in the United States government’

Deception by omission. That’s their game. We know the union is called “The United States of America”, not “United States”. I think “United States” is short for “United States government”. They just leave out the last part to confuse us. Or, if I give them the benefit of the doubt, they’re only talking to their […]

Law differentiates between citizen and person. Person gets jail, while citizen loses voting right.

Richard MacDonald cites an old law from California that differentiates between a citizen and a person/persona. The first bullet below says a person will get jail time. The second bullet says a citizen loses right to vote. Richard says this proves STATE OF CALIFORNIA, the corporation, has control over persons, not citizens. Penal Code, Section 227. Every […]

Gov’t has directions for port-pass application without social security number; must sign declaration without united states

The Dept of State of USofA has directions for people applying for a port-pass without a social security number. They write: “fill in the passport application SSN box # 5 with zeros“. “fill out and sign” a declaration attesting “I have never been issued a Social Security Number by the Social Security Administration.” Here’s their […]