Notice to readers of U.S. of A. vs. U.S.

From the publisher of U.S. of A. vs. U.S.

Notice to All Readers and Web Site Members

The authors hope that by reading the present and future publications of HKW Publishing and visiting the web site the reader and user will be better able to make more informed political and legal choices. In particular, the reader and user may, by taking specific actions (conduct) self-implement a change in presumed political and resulting legal relations. The authors argue that, today, the principle avenue by which political presumptions drastically impact American lives is the presumption that each person has voluntarily elected the federal citizenship built into the purported Amendment 14.

“All persons born or naturalized… are citizens of the United States…” Today, an equally damaging presumption is that each such person had also voluntarily politically accepted an exclusive federal citizenship to the exclusion of that person’s State Citizenship.

Why is this presumed federal political status-federal citizenship so damaging?

The constitutionally secured Rights, Privileges and Immunities of the Constitution of the United States of America are not available to federal citizens. In contrast, federal citizens have the “privileges and immunities” of State Citizens and protection against specific State deprivations. This form of federal protection is addressed to and is made incumbent upon the body politic and body corporate of, for example, the State of Oregon, the State of North Carolina, and the State of Virginia. This form of federal protection is not incumbent upon the person of State Citizens.

In the purported Amendment 14, no mention is made in relation to the general Constitution of secured Rights, Privileges and Immunities or the Bill of Rights. Today, given the self-applied effects of the Social Security Act, federal citizens appear to owe permanent allegiance to the United States. See 8 USCA, Section 1101 (a)(22), and 28 USC 3002 (15)-(A),(B),(C). These presumptions of political federal relations preclude specific protections normally afforded State Citizens.

It would seem more fair and just if more people had knowledge and information to make a better-informed decision with respect to political and resulting legal relations. These types of decisions fly in the political face of the “New Deal.” In particular, the authors believe Society in general would be improved if the political and resulting legal deceit and foolery, now massively effective, were diminished in effectiveness. Many people believe “something is wrong” or “out of whack.” There may be those persons who self-determine to do something positive about what is wrong with the current states of affairs and improve what is very right with America. Our system of Laws, based upon our organic Constitutions, is the best by far that the world has ever witnessed. The authors believe that it is past time for people in person to revisit and self-implement the rule of Law. The “Composite State,” with all of its evils and excesses including the dislocation of people, goods and resources, cannot readily exist in the face of The Law. The authors are dedicated to assist people in political self-determination and self-help. Particularly, we hope that people will be better able to clearly and concisely articulate with proper words upon specific documents their true political will and deeply desired resulting legal relations.

The authors and HKW Publishing, as the progenitors of this website and the book USofAvuS, are dedicated to helping our readers not just read a book and create documents, but to truly grasp the underlying political and legal issues that envelop the United States and the presumed status of being a U.S. citizen. No piece of paper alone can make you into something that you are not in mind and spirit at one with. Our readers, as early pioneers in the 21st century resettlement of the Several States of the American union must be completely competent. The information found in USofAvUS and the information provided on the web site hopefully will be of benefit to the reader.

As a result of feedback and observations from the web site forums and phone calls with readers, several steps have been developed to attempt to assist the reader’s paradigm shift in awareness concerning political and resulting legal relations. You are invited to take the preliminary “quiz” of twenty questions. Upon successfully mastering that learning aid, we invite you to read a compact study guide for, and a book written by, a Yale Law Processor. Once you have read that short book and reviewed the study guide, you will have an opportunity to increase your knowledge by taking an open book fifty question test. Your successful acquisition of politically based knowledge should place you in good stead as you go on to construct politically based documents. Undoubtedly you will self-determine significant changes in resulting legal relations.

The authors strongly caution the reader to understand that any self-prepared documents do not automatically change political and resulting legal relations. Only one’s self-use of the knowledge, understanding and mastery of the political and legal concepts introduced in USofAvUS can actually effect a change in one’s orientation with respect to political status and legal relations.

No earthly entity or person grants you Sovereignty. You must conduct your person in that role.

So while some of you may be in a rush to “git ‘er done,” it is paramount that to avoid “arrows in the back” as an early pioneer crossing into the 21st century political frontier of exclusive State Citizenship, the information provided in the book and on this web site must be deeply engrained in one’s conscious will so that actually living and conducting oneself as a State Citizen is as natural as breathing. We wish you well on your journey of self-education and political self-determination.

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