Note, these questions and answers pertain to the older version of this site, formerly called Libertarian Rock.

Can you provide legal advice or legal assistance?
Unfortunately, Libertarian Rock cannot provide legal advice or assistance. Libertarian Rock maintains a website to provide general information and inspiration. Please contact an attorney for legal advice or assistance. If you cannot afford an attorney, contact the ACLU, The Institute for Justice, or FIRE (The Foundation for Individual Rights in Eductions).

What does Libertarian mean?
Libertarian is the name of a philosophy that believes that people own their bodies and own the product of their efforts. On the social/lifestyle side, this means that someone can consume narcotics because each person owns his or her own body. On the economic side, this means that when a person produces a product, the person owns the product and if the person sells the product, then the person owns the proceeds to of the sale.

Libertarians will repeal curfews, legalize the consumption of narcotics, repeal the drinking age, and end government programs that take money from one person and give it to another (i.e. welfare, social security, “free” government “schools,” etc.). If someone needs a handout, the person would go to a charity and ask for it.

For more information, visit the Libertarian Party website.

May I contribute an article, story or editorial to the site?
Libertarian Rock is always looking for informative articles, stories, and editorials. Please email your article by pasting the article into our contact form. We will review your article and reply to you. We cannot promise to print all pieces.

Can I get more information on one of your articles?
It is unlikely that we have any additional information. We wrote the articles and did not retain related notes. If it helps, all articles about news events are based on actual events. It’s likely that the main newspaper in the city in which the event took place will have an article on the topic in the newspaper’s archives. You might have to pay a fee to read these articles.

How can I get free stickers?
Libertarian Rock discontinued the free sticker offer. You can still make your own. More information is here.
How can I help out?

  • Link to our site (see banner at the bottom of the home page)
  • Promote Libertarian Rock in your school newspaper by writing an article about the site or by trying to get the site a free advertisement
  • Write an article for the site
  • Send us links to new stories
  • Volunteer for a local libertarian’s campaign – Email us a suggestion on how you can help out

How can I start a chapter?
Unfortunately, we do not have local chapters. As an alternative, start a group and use any and all information from the Libertarian Rock site and the website of the National Libertarian Party. Also visit Students for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty.