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Naturlized US Ciitizens becoming state citizens

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I found this pdf by Anna is she implying that naturalized citizens can not become state citizens ? 

pdf  file is attacked 

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I think immigrants should just apply to be a state national of one of the states. They would ask either US Dept of State  or one of the 50 states to start the process.

Once one is a state national, then rebut the process that made them a US Citizen. Assert via autographed affidavit that he never intended to be a US Citizen and was duped into being a subject of United States. 

It also may be the case that the immigrant was not even made a citizen of the union, meaning a federal citizen, and instead was treated as a person, meaning a ship, and accepted or incorporated into UNITED STATES Inc. If this did occur, this is simply a business transaction. One should focus on the point above, which is to apply to be a state national.