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I'm looking for a referral to an attorney to help me with a possible legal Discover Card

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I would like to know if you have any references to law firms that specialize in credit card debt recoupment. I am a new subscriber and I just received a letter from Discover Card notifying me that if I don't pay my bill by May 31st 2023 they will refer my account to an attorney.
any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I think the bottom part of the statement is actually a check for another account that can be used to pay off the balance on the credit-card account.
  2. Similarly, others think the bottom part is a 'coupon' for a bond and the presenter can get amount of funds listed on the coupon. 
  3. Another approach, which could be done in parallel with the above options, would be to write to Discover, in a notarized letter, sent Registered (not certified) mail, "I will pay any amount due under the condition that Discover present an invoice or bill for the amount due. Thus far, Discover has only sent a statement. A statement is not a request to pay for services or expenses. A statement is an accounting of transactions. Consequently, there is no controversy and nothing to adjudicate. Once Discover presents a bill or invoice, and I will gladly pay. I await your response."