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Georgia Code Definitions (O.C.G.A. 1-3-3)

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This Man (referring to oneself as thou feels odd) lives on the land in the area referred to as Georgia. On a whim this Man did a Google search for Georgia law definitions. The statute sets forth that: "As used in this Code or in any other law of this state, the term:..." Here are two "terms" that this Man finds quite interesting: #14. "Person" includes a corporation. #19. "Signature" or "subscription" includes the mark of an illiterate or infirm person. (All Men and Women who visit this website should know by now what the term "includes" stands in for) 

So, if all "Persons" in this state are corporations [exclusive of Men and Women] and every document/form out there has a "Signature" line then ipso-facto: All persons are signing that they are illiterate, no?

If this is true then: Men and Women are excluded/exempted from the Code. The autograph of the Man or Woman does not show them to be illiterate or infirm.

Tangentially, the word term "X" is defined in Black's Law Dictionary (10th Ed) {paraphrased} the mark signed by an illiterate person.

Everyone is told to sign by the X...