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I have no supporting evidence that the birth certificate creates an LLC.  Simply put we are the agents for the actor, the

upper case name which is a corporation.  Copyright the name and choose whether or not to deal with the private or the 

public.  Contacts are contracts, but when there is no contract and the name has a copyright, the appropriate answer for me

if  I have a copyright is "THATS NOT ME'". 

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Hello Ye All …

Dr.No-No has read your recent comments concerning the subject of LLC and copying righting the name. (PS, Dr.No-No is the name of a James Bod movie.) LOL  ...


I have read some of your replies about the COPY RIGHTING OF THE NAME and I am gonna open my mouth like a donkey and say what I think concerning all this ... no, I am not a jack ass, because a jack ass is not a donkey ... Ok, I am gonna be referring to the Bible, as to what it has to say on this subject. Apostle Peter, made a statement concerning this and we have failed to understand what he was talking about. I'm gonna talk about this bit here. So bear with me and hear me out. Thank-you.


Concerning the Name or THE NAME, I think we should take in another hand book of law, meaning the Holy Word of God. For dat, I like to refer to the Old King James and the New King James. I have my reason for using only these two Bible translation. Lets see what it has to say on this subject.


1st Corinthians 6:19 …

Do U not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in U, whom U have from God, and that U R not your own ? … For U were brought at a price;


2nd Corinthians 2:15-16 …

For we are to God the [sweet] fragrance of Christ – the Aroma of life to life …

PS – the New King James is the only one that uses the word fragrance of Christ and the Aroma of life. It clarifies the meaning of the word “sweet savour of Christ” that is used in the old king james.


1st Peter 1:18-19 …

knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold … but with the precious blood of Jesus Christ, as a Lamb without blemish or spot.


We do not belong to the STATE … we are not Property of the HOLY ROME EMPIRE. How ever, if I am not mistaken, The USA is the property of the HOLY ROME EMPIRE. The USA is a Trust. When Don Trump was in office, the pope told Don Trump to lead the nation, and if he wasn't gonna lead, then he, as the pope of the HOLY ROME EMPIRE would be the leader of our nation. So the USA is the property of the HOLY ROME EMPIRE. However, according to the Bible, Christ redeemed us with His Blood that was spilled upon the Rome Cross out side of the walls of Jerusalem, at the demands of the church leaders, the Jews. They were also lawyers ! … tell me, has the HOLY ROME EMPIRE, or the anyone of the STATES within the USA union ever found a claim that is superior to the spilled Blood of Jesus Christ ? … I don’t think so … we are in the world, but not of the world. what belongs to the HOLY ROME EMPIRE, is their property. what belongs to Christ, is Christ property. to whom do we yield our soul ? or reworded another way, render to ROME, the STATE, what belongs to the STARE and render to God what belongs to God.  How do we answer this question of what belongs to the STATE ? 


Let turn to 2nd Peter 2:3 – Old King James only and see what it has to says.

“and through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of thee.”


New King James …

“By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words …”


The Old King James is the only Bible that uses the word “merchandise” … the New King James, replaces that word with “exploit” … so, when combine together, it can read as …


“By covetousness, shall they with feigned words, exploit you with deceptive words, and make merchandise of thy Name !” thus via the birth certificate process, the state steals thy noble name steals thy heritage, your children, and claim U and your children as property of the state !

Everything that they do is done with deception, right ? 

Are we pieces of merchandise ? 

Slaves - Slavery ... ???? 

I think, that I am hitting upon a veiled item ....  

Slavery was suppose to have been done away with at the end the war of 1860-65, but from what I read here and there, it appears, that slavery was transformed into another face, like a opera phantom. Slavery is still alive in many forms, butit is  not as easily seen for what it these days ... 


James 2:7

Do they not blaspheme that noble name by which thou art called ?

if the STATE turns the name of the child into a LLC via the birth cert, is that not a form of blaspheming of the noble name ?

when speaking of the noble name, to which name is James 2:7 referring to ?  

our name or the name of Jesus Christ by whose name we are also called ...? 

I think the meaning of James 2:7 and Peter 2:3 is one and the same subject.


Our children are a heritage given to us to love and to take care of.

See what these other Bible verses have to say on this subject.


Psalms 127:3 and 128:3 – New King James

Behold, the Children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.

Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the very heart of your house, your children like Olive Trees around your table.


So our children are a heritage given to us from the Lord, yet we lose them by the deceitful birth certificate process. We need to reverse that process and reclaim our children and reclaim our noble name by which we are called.


Also, considered this. When a woman hits the delete button and aborts the child that is in her womb, she is killing her husband future bloodline, the heritage of the Lord. She is also robbing the man, her husband of his rightful heritage and destroying his future bloodline and showing utter disdain to her husband or boy friend that she claims to love. You see, the woman can not produce a child on her own. She can't produce a child until the man puts that “USB” stick into the female hot port. That USB stick is loaded with the codes for a new human being. Man can’t create another human life on his own. But he does have the USB stick with the computer codes, but he needs a female port to plug that USB stick into. Men don’t have a female hot port in his system, because he is not a true transformer that can change his inner plumbing net work and plug a female hot port into his system … but the woman, the “womb-man” she does have hot port to stick the USB stick into and she is the only one that has a “hot-port” ! ... and that is no insult when I say that, because it is the darn truth.


We as a human race, will die away, and crease to exist, if the womb-man refuses to allow the seed in her womb to mature, and be born, like a potato that is dug up, when it is ripe for the harvest.


When she hits that delete button, she is doing more than just killing a baby, she is also destroying a man’s future bloodline as well as her own existence, and if the child does live, the state comes alone and steals that man’s heritage, and claims the child as their property … that is theft and kidnapping of a man's bloodline rights.


A man's bloodline right is not for sale, is it ?


Speaking of children, the Bible does have a few words concerning the family relationship. The bible does have a few family laws. Lets see what it says.


James 1:27

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the [Holy] Father [above] is this, to visit [the] orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep one’s self unspotted from the world.


1st Timothy 5:8

If anyone does not provide for his own, especially for those of his own house hold, he has denied the faith and is worse than an believer.


Isaiah 58:7 …

Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and that U bring to your house the [homeless] poor who R cast out; when U see the naked, that U cover him, and not hide yourself from your own ?


We are not to hide our selves from our family members and we as men have a holy calling, to love and to take care of our children and our wives. But for a woman to destroy a man’s heritage, via abortion process, she is showing the man her disdain and disrespect for his future blood line. She has betrayed his trust and betrayed the trust of the child that is growing within her. The child is totally depended up her for its care and life support, so that it can complete its development and come forth from the little henry box. Even then, it is still depended upon her support, the milk of life from her soft milky breast … we all need our woman, our sweetheart for her life support and sweet gentle love, other wise, the human race as a whole will die and crease to exist. Which is exactly what satan wants. He wants the human races to crease to exist. Man was created to replace the fallen angels that were swepted out of heaven during the great star wars that occurred before man was created. The account of the Star Wars is mention briefly in the book of Revelation. See chapter 12, verse 7 to 9 and verse 4


As it reads, it says … and war broke out in heaven -[sounds like star wars to me ]- and Michael and His angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent of old, known as satan and the devil, who deceives the whole world and he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him, and his tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth.


In verse 4, it says that the tail drew one third of the stars … the meaning here is this … the term “the stars” means angels … satan is spoken of as a dragon or serpent, and both have a tail … this tail, in the war, removed one third of the angels out of heaven.


Now … as it clearly shows in these 4 bible verses here in the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation, there was war in Heaven and that one third of the angels were removed and thrown out of heaven.


So … as you can see, satan who is spoken of as the dragon and serpent, lost his place in heaven above is now homeless with no place to call his own. But he has caught wind of the fact that the human race has been created to replace him and all the other fallen stars/angels that were thrown out because of their rebellion against the Lord.


So, satan hatched the plan to hijack this world, and to claim it as his own, and he did it by deceiving the woman, and women are now all twisted up, and the end results is that men are losing their future blood lines to the abortion process … its a crying shame.


We as men, need our families, our children, our wives, in order to keep our bloodline alive.


Yet, we also struggle with the issue of the STATE stealing our bloodlines, and refusing us our rightful consortium with our families, by issuing no contact orders, forcing us men to hide from our families.


Our children are hurting as a results of our women actions, and the evil wicked fallen foe that seeks to destroy man.


There is a deep spiritual battle that is being fought over a man's bloodlines, and we must not forget that. Do U not see it now for what it is, when it comes to abortion process and the birth cert, and change of the name into LLC ? ... It is an attack that is being made upon the human race !


It is my desire to reverse all this as much as possible.


I wish to ask for someone to take my hand and guide me through the necessary paper work, to get rid of the state control over my life and the life of the family. I believe that as men of God, we have a right to seek for reconciliation with our families …


that is what I am looking for.


Where is the paper work to decline all the contracts with the court or state or sheriff department.

And to declare one’s self as a private man ?


I think I have said enough here.


May God in His mercy guide you and me …





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