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Changing US citizen Status to national

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I was born in another country and brought to America, and then Sworn in as a citizen when I turned 18 years of age. 

how to I change my status if I was born in  another country. Are there different steps that would apply to me ? 

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I think the process is similar to someone born on the land of one of the states. I would write to the same people, but would change the declaration slightly. I would write to the Dept of State explaining that there was a misunderstanding, and I traveled here to be a national of _______________ (specify the state), and not a territorial federal citizen like the people of Puerto Rico. 

I would also send a letter to the Sec of State of my nation-state (one of the 50 states). Be sure to always cite the year the original state was formed, and not the year of the "State of ______" federal or corporate entity. Sometimes there is a constitution for the state and a constitution of the State of ________; cite the first. 

I've been writing about this topic for years and only recently and finally sent my declaration to U.S. Dept of State. Better late than never! 

Connected with this, I would not say I'm a 'resident'. I would say I'm a state national and domiciled on that state. A resident is someone who works for the federal government. FBI has Resident Agencies. I've written about it. 

Lastly, get comfortable with calling thyself one of these.