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Breaking free of the fraudulent contracts Finland

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So, Im asking for help with the corresponding steps to break free from the fraudulent "legal" system in Finland. Information about it seems dry if not non-existent in finnish and I am new to this, I dont even know where to begin my research. I want to complete the corresponding process here and help others do so as well. And make a whoole lotta noise while doing so. Thanks in advance

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  1. Find out if thy government created municipal corporations that are acting in place of the government. Then thou would approach the situation the same way we do on Texas or on Maine. 
  2. Go to Dun & Bradstreet and search for corporations that have names such as Finland, the name of thy county, and the name of thy city. My local county has a municipal corporation. My local county acts through that corporation. They did this because a corporation can control its sub-corporations. When I was born, my county or state created a corporation and named it using my given name and family name, such as JOHN SMITH. So...STATE OF MAINE has full control over JOHN SMITH. But this has nothing to do with me, the man - the flesh and blood. 
  3. Find out there are these municipal corporations acting within Finland. 
  4. Find out if they 'birthed' an corporation that uses thy given name and thy family name.
  5. The only 'process' is to declare that thou is a man, not the corporation, and act that way. That declaration likely needs to be recorded in thy county recorder office. Search for 'declaration' on this site or start here.
  6. Don't answer to the FIRST LAST corporate entity. Send back letters 'addressed' to the corporate entity. 

Separate from this, Finland, the real state government, may have some control over thee because thou may not have won unalienable rights, as was won in the 13 states of America in 1776. If Finland--the government not the municipal corporation--acts upon thee to control thee, I don't know how to respond. The people before me here on the 50 states of America fought the revolutionary war to cast aside the false Divine Right of Kings.