Students challenge extra-curricular drug-testing

When Lindsay Earls and Daniel James made the decision to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities at Tecumseh High School, they intended to use the experience and class credits gained to increase their chances of attending competitive colleges. Instead, both students found themselves targets of suspicionless drug testing. Together they filed a federal […]

Student sues over failing grade

Since government schools are notorious for passing people who can’t read, they make up for their lax standards by being overly strict about attendance. A student in Chickasha, Florida is fighting back after she received a failing grade for being absent 5 times from computer class. She is suing her school district to get a […]

Student challenges toy-gun expulsion

Columbine’s victim list keeps getting longer. One of the most recent victims is Timothy Hodits, a student in Chicago who was expelled for walking in a government school with a yellow toy-gun and a trench coat. Hodits is fighting back by suing his school board for “oppressive and unreasonable” abuse of power.