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Suspended for Facebook page, student can sue

A federal judge ruled a former high school student suspended for creating a Facebook page that criticized her English teacher can sue the high school principal who suspended her. The page entitled “Ms. Sarah Phelps is the worst teacher I’ve

Court approves uniform protest with “Hitler Youth” buttons

Totalitarian, egalitarian, envious school bureaucrats love uniforms. They force everyone to be equal and suppress free expression. Two students, in the fifth and seventh grades, at schools in Bayonne, New Jersey, protested their schools’ new uniform policies by wearing buttons

10 rules for dealing with the police

Did you know that if the police ask you to step out of your car, you should close and lock the door after you exit? Same goes for your home, step outside and speak to the police outside your home.

Youth rights group sues to repeal Florida curfew

Residents of the warm, year-round climate of Palm Beach, Florida, regularly stay outside during the late evening, unless they happen to be under the age 18. A local curfew law bars those under 18 from being outside past 10 pm

Gov school bans skinny jeans, home school doesn’t

An ultra-conservative, Texas government “school” does not allow the latest denim craze: skinny jeans. Administrators at a Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite gave Seth Chamlee a choice: change into some pants provided by the school or go home. He went

Purple hair and free expression (Update 2)

Government school administrators in a town in Arizona apparently can’t concentrate in the presence of a girl with some purple hair. Other students had no problem concentrating. Her classmates have seen purple t-shirts, purple hand bags, purple dresses, purple eye

Students protest closed campus proposal

According to an article in the Daily Freeman News, more than 300 students at a high school in Kingston, New York, protested a proposal to forbid juniors and seniors from leaving campus during lunch period. Long a privilege of juniors and seniors,

Judge halts sports suspensions related to party

A judge temporarily halted the suspension of a student track team member who was accused of attending a party where beer was available to teenagers. The judge wrote that attending a party where alcohol was present did not constitute underage

Students protest suspension caused by facebook comments

Students at a Toronto high school protested the expulsion of five students, who posted derogatory comments about the school’s vice principal on facebook. The protest started at 8:30 a.m. with about 100 people waving signs and soliciting honks from passing

Expelled because of rumors, then reinstated due to lawsuit

I am a sophmore, age 15. In April of 2004, i was expelled from my high school for a calendar year because i was accused of selling cough medicine to a girl…Although it may sound weird, its true. Some of