Identity means Entity ID, which describes a business, not living men or women. Thou does not have an ‘identity’ (or a NAME).

When thou is asked for thy ‘ID’ or ‘identity’. They are really asking for your Entity ID. This is because they can’t deal with man, they can only deal with corporations. In most cases, UNITED STATES and STATE OF VERMONT (for example) and COUNTY OF _____ and CITY OF ______ are all corporations. And since […]

Is an order really a ‘purchase order’?

Does an ‘order’ from a government agent really mean a ‘purchase order’? I know the federal gov’t created United States, which then creates franchise names using someone’s given and family names to have JOHN PATEL. So when an agent for UNITED STATES (inc) says ‘that’s on order’ or this is an ‘executive order’ and if […]