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Left school at 15, dropped in-to life, now billionaire

Government schooling is not the only road to success. Plenty of people go to non-government schools (aka private schools). Some home school themselves. A few “unschool” via DIY (do-it-yourself) project-based education. The lucky few? They drop in. They drop out

Online learning to surpass your “grade”

Government schools differ from the real world in so many ways. There are no grades where you move with your age group to the next level — all 40 year olds are not in the 40th grade. There are not

Drowsy at school? Ask for a later start time.

Some  schools have moved their start times to later in the morning and students are now more alert and less prone to arguing. “In one of the most recent studies, published last month in the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent

Kentucky seeks to raise exodus age from regimentation

Members of the Kentucky mob (aka government) recently sought to increase the exodus age (aka dropout age) from the local regimentation centers (aka public schools). Local press promoted the bill as likely to pass but a procedural vote squashed it.

Prom cancelled to avoid lesbian couple

A local regimentation center (aka, “public school”) cancelled a prom to avoid letting a lesbian couple attend, with one female hoping to wear a tux. The ACLU threatened to sue the regimentation center. Two female students asked to attend after

Parents sue school for viewing son with webcam

A government school in Pennsylvania used cameras and microphones on laptops issued to students to locate missing laptops and, oh by the way, to also monitor students. Yes, the “telescreen” devices from the book 1984 have arrived in 2010. Parents

Suspended for Facebook page, student can sue

A federal judge ruled a former high school student suspended for creating a Facebook page that criticized her English teacher can sue the high school principal who suspended her. The page entitled “Ms. Sarah Phelps is the worst teacher I’ve

Freedom at lunchtime! Students do what they want.

At a Maryland government school, lunch time now provides a healthy break during the day. Administrators turned lunchtime into free time. All students have the same lunch hour, and students can do just about anything they please during the hour.

Gov school bans skinny jeans, home school doesn’t

An ultra-conservative, Texas government “school” does not allow the latest denim craze: skinny jeans. Administrators at a Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite gave Seth Chamlee a choice: change into some pants provided by the school or go home. He went

Seminar About Govt School Alternatives+

If you oppose curfews and wonder about alternatives to government schools, learn more about how governments restrict economic freedoms. Consider attending the Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminar offered by The Independent Institute in Oakland, California, in June or August. The