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Alcohol Ban at Tailgate Parties Sparks Protests

Students from Michigan State, a government university, clashed with police during a protest of an alcohol ban at tailgate parties. School administrators enacted the ban because they felt that alcohol use had gotten out of control. The ban takes effect

Teens Pay For Government’s Smoking Propaganda

If you wouldn’t pay your parents to lecture you then you probably wouldn’t pay the government to tell you to stop smoking. At the moment Florida teens don’t have a choice because is using tobacco company profits to pay for

Schools lock toilets to stop smoking

The government is hazardous to your health. To cut down on smoking, many high schools lock their bathrooms during class periods. And even if the bathrooms are unlocked, students can’t get any privacy because the bathroom stalls don’t have doors.

Teen Faces Trial for Hosting Party

The party’s over. This past week, the New York Supreme court ruled that a 17 year-old who hosted a party at her house can be held liable for a guest’s injury. The guest was punched by another guest as the

Daylight Savings Sparks Bar Brawl

The government sends teenagers home at around 10 pm and drinkers home at around 4 am. In most cities, all bars must close at a specific time. Usually it varies from about 12:30 am in Nantucket, MA to about 4