DC Curfew Protest, Sept. 30th

In an interview tonight, David Grossman, the protest organizer, said that the organizational meeting for Thursday night’s protest drew more than 10 people. The protest will begin at 10:30 pm with a candlelight vigil, hopefully appear on the 11 o’clock news and then conclude at 11:30 PM. David and his fellow organizers are promoting the […]

Alaska LP’s anti-curfew efforts

It is now two years since Alaskans voted against a referendum to repeal a city curfew but the local Libertarian Party has no plans to stop protesting the law. Alaskan LP members are distributing “Ban the Curfew” stickers to teenagers throughout the state. The stickers encourage teenagers to resist the curfew and all other “wrong” […]

Federal appeals court allows D.C. curfew

The federal appeals court for the D.C. Circuit ruled that the D.C. curfew does not violate the rights of teenagers or their parents. The opinion, which was supported by nine of the eleven judges on the court, concluded that the curfew gives parents “almost total discretion” over their children and helps parents control their children.

Judge suspends West New York curfew

After being fined $100, ordered to perform more than 30 hours of community service, and finally handcuffed on her way to a relative’s house, Taisha Betancourt decided to protest her local curfew in the courts. A judge responded to her lawsuit by ordering her small town in West New York to temporarily suspend enforcement of […]

Boring little town

Well, of course to start with, our town has a set 10:00 curfew for those under the age 16. But, the cops around here drive the “strip” (the place where everyone drives around and just talks to each other or hang out whatever) and they’re just looking for someone to pull over. When then do […]