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Poem by student punished for dyeing her hair

Amber Cole was punished by administrators of Eagleton Elementary School for dyeing her hair pink. Here is a poem that she wrote about her fight for free expression.

Student in skirt challenges dress code

Edward Shinkle, a student in Charlotte County, Virginia, recently challenged his high school’s gender-based dress code by wearing his mother’s skirt. The principal and assistant principal immediately forced him to go home and return with traditional male attire. Now Shinkle

Vegan student may seek new judge

John Ouimette, a student in Utah who was suspended for wearing a Vegan sweatshirt, may be maneuvering to get a new judge for a lawsuit against his school. Last February, U.S. District Judge Dee Benson refused a request for an

Reversal: Student may wear Jewish Sta

Intolerant Mississippi school officials conceded defeat this week by permitting Ryan Green to wear his Star of David necklace. Their action reversed a previous ruling that banned the Star, because it supposedly could be considered a gang symbol. The reversal

Student sues to wear Jewish Star

Ryan Green, a 15-year-old Jewish student in Mississippi, plans to sue the local school board for denying him the right to wear the Star of David. The board claims the Star could be considered a gang symbol, which are banned

VA judge strikes down dancing restriction

Many residents of Pound, Virginia are kicking their heels after a U.S. district judge struck down a local Virginia dance ordinance as an unconstitutional restriction of free expression.. The case dealt with William Elam, the owner of a popular trucker

Suspension without written notification reversed

In Ohio, and possibly your state, school administrators must give students written notification before issuing a punishment. School officials in Hudson, Ohio failed to abide by this state law and therefore recently reversed the suspension of a 9-year-old student for

Theater owners cave to censorship demands of Clinton

Intolerant politicians are using the Littleton shootings to take away more of your rights. Last week, the Senate passed a bill that severely limits the Second Amendment rights of people under 18-years-old. This week, Democratic President Bill Clinton pressured the

Pittsburgh student paper fights alcohol censorship

The War on Drugs and Alcohol is really a War on Americans. The government uses the drug war as an excuse to take away your Constitutional rights. A student newspaper at the government’s University of Pittsburgh is fighting back by

School settles student lawsuit, allows witch symbol

A student who practices the Wicca religion may now wear a Pentagram to her suburban high school, since the school settled a lawsuit with the ACLU. The Pentagram was recently banned by the high school along with black nail polish