He battery’d me. Then was placed in a cell. No assault though. Legal definitions differ from everyday definitions.

Odd that the legal society defines as ‘assault’ as just threatening to harm someone, while ‘battery‘ is the infliction of harm. Then the criminal is placed in a ‘cell’. First ‘battery’, then ‘cell’. While our enemy loves to use maritime terms, such as citizen ship and dockyard/doctor, they also like electrical terms. Supposedly knowledge of […]

📽️: There are two birth certificates! Get the Certificate of Live Birth. The other one is for person/franchise/entity.

Learn about the Certificate of Live Birth completed at the hospital and which they withhold from mom and dad. It’s even now called ‘the worksheet’ to hide it’s value. The COLB shows one’s status and state natives/nationals can use this to prove their status. Don’t use the corporate/franchise Birth Certificate.

Transcript with time-stamps for Richard MacDonald’s State Citizen presentation at The Granada Forum, 2005

 Transcript  00:00:03  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Granada Forum on June 17th, a Friday night. We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Richard MacDonald, a man who’s a maverick in his field for over 30 years in the law. He’s a law researcher, educator and state citizenship. So let’s give […]

Guest Post: Dealing with state tax board, get new DL with no ‘us citizen’, get passport with no ‘us citizen’

Guest Post RE: FTB [Franchise Tax Board] it’s very important, if you stop filing 540 and FTB is getting 1099s or W2, they will send you a letter. You must send them a letter stating you corrected your citizenship with social security admin. From US citizen to other. You mother signed you up as a […]

I was assaulted. Policy/police officers would not help because I would not provide ‘last name’. Shows they only deal with artificial legal persons, not men and women.

A few months back I was assaulted on a city bus. A man was upset I opened a window and came at me. He didn’t connect, so no ‘battery’, but it was assault. I called the peace force, but of course the policy force answers. They sent two policy/police officers. I explained the assault and […]

👨‍🦳Guest Post: We’re assumed to be operators of fleet of motor vehicles

I found this comment on a substack article about David: Straight and how they stopped him for traveling. I like this comment because it focuses on the words municipal corporations use to snare people into the municipal corporate ‘legal’ jurisdiction. ———————————————————————— To the best of my understanding, the Texas Transportation Code regulates corporate commercial activity […]