Muni Corp VILLAGE OF KEY BISCAYNE bans ‘operation’ (business) of ebikes by the public (not the private); and BTW, not on main boulevard

Well the public, not the private, can’t operate (meaning conduct business) with ebikes within the overlay area under the jurisdiction of THE VILLAGE OF KEY BISCAYNE Incorporated. The corporation plans to educate it’s public, meaning employees. Fair to say that the muni corp also thinks they can ban people in the private from operating (as […]

Video: CITY OF DENVER policy officers have ‘business cards’ because they are doing business

Scroll down for video Two CITY OF DENVER policy officers provided ‘business cards’ because they are literally doing business. The officers pulled up and intimidated the a man known for asserting his rights, in this case filming. The man requested the names of the officers, and the officers provides business cards. People operating businesses have […]

Video – Florida policy officers pressure man to id-entity as the U.S. person franchise. Man stands his ground!

See video below. 7:48 she keeps asking ‘do you understand?’ because this question technically means ‘do you agree you are bound by these statutes?’. Always need to answer, ‘me overstand’. And don’t say “I” which could be heard as ‘Aye’. 5:53 Woman officer says, “first things first…we need to identify who we’re talking to.” This […]

(Video) State National does not matter if thou contracts rights away. Driver’s License, Allodial Title, Baby scheme, and more

(Scroll down for video.) Someone posted a comment recently stating Dept of State or Sec of State returned letters stating his status and the man was exasperated on what to do next. Well, me assumes the man is already a state national and does not need Dept of State, his servant, to confirm this. He […]

Corporate STATES have Dept of Revenue because corporations are franchises that share part of their revenue. Same with the ‘individual’ person.

State of Tennessee, meaning the municipal corporation, has a Department of Revenue because the entity is a corporation and it takes it’s corporations. Corporate officers think they’re paying an ‘income tax’ but it’s actually a Franchise/Excise Tax, as shown below. Franchising is profitable and there is an entire Department of Revenue to monitor this. Note […]

Some actions may be ‘legal’ in some STATES, but not necessarily ‘lawful’ in the de jure, common law States

Without getting into specific actions, an action may be considered ‘legal’, meaning allowed by the Legal Society or merchants, but not necessarily lawful, meaning allowed under common law, which is the customs of the area. If anyone finds themselves a victim of a crime and feels hamstrung because the ‘author-ities’ deem the action legal, one […]

Technically, STATE OF CALIFORNIA has a franchise tax on corporations, not a corporate tax on corporations

People mistakenly pay taxes to what is officially called the Franchise Tax Board of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. As for corporations, the officers think they are paying a corporate income tax. Technically, they are paying a ‘franchise tax‘ that applies to all corporations. So the people running a company incorporated to gain ‘legal’ protections, but […]

Only ‘persons’ must attend/work at school. Persons are LLCs. ‘Student’ and ‘Parent’ are persons.

(Reviewed and expanded on May 24, 2024.) No boys or girls are required to attend k-12 schools, at least not according to the code by me. The code is written for persons, which means personas, which means business entities. The 2nd birth certificate creates a person, and that person must make their child ‘persons’ attend/work at […]