The informer writes about State, United States, Includes

I posted a page with an essay by the informer called ‘State, United States, Includes.’ It focuses on Title 26 of the U.S. Code, which deals with taxes. The study of taxes helped me see that ‘United States’, in many

Bakers vs. Butchers: Why did the Constitution protect a baker but not a butcher? Comparing Masterpiece Bakeshop to Slaughterhouse Cases

Why could a Colorado baker in 2018 Supreme Court case claim the Constitution protects him from a State government, but a Louisiana butcher in 1869 could not? The baker won his case likely by claiming to be a U.S. citizen (a

Bakery case reminds that Constitution restricts government but does not grant rights

The recent Supreme Court case involving the baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple brings up a point about Constitutional rights. The First Amendment does not create or grant a right to free exercise of religion, it

Web version of The Matrix and the U.S. Constitution

Please see the new web version of The Matrix and the U.S. Constitution, written by unknown author, and originally found in PDF format. This is one of the ‘Top 10‘ documents recommended by Yusuf El. Here’s a portion: “Our America

Revenue with a hyphen to be ‘re-venue’ and similar to ‘re-move’

The word ‘revenue’ may have originally had a hyphen, as in ‘re-venue’. The word venue may always mean the place for a trial. Adding ‘re’ in front of a word means to do it again, as in ‘redo’. Therefore ‘re-venue’

Interview with David Williams of NoThanksIRS

Learning about the federal income tax is an important part of learning about the basic setup of the United States of America. Listen to an interview with David Williams, who provides consulting services for people wanting to know if their earnings

Visit & download papers

I highly recommend the six white papers available at The author helps explain the presence of two different governments, one for the union of 50 united states (plural) and the other for the territories managed by the government of

Woman has baby in foyer because of irrational trip to hospital

Seth Myers, the talk show host, said his baby was born in the foyer of his apartment building, just before he and his wife had planned to travel to a hospital. The baby was actually in her sweatpants as they

Why would men and women come to a port?

i find it odd that an entrance to the country for men and women is called a port. i think they do this to pretend that everything is about shipping or commerce and that gives jurisdiction to the federal government

Las Vegas residents are the performers

The only real residents in Las Vegas are the performers staying and performing temporarily at the hotels. An inhabitant or a man or woman of Las Vegas is someone who lives permanently on the land of Las Vegas, the city, not “in”