Roger Sayles and the 14th Amendment

Roger Sayles said the 14th Amendment, passed in the mid-1800s, was actually a set up for action 80 years later. I expect he means that since the 14th Amendment applies to persons, it is the corporate persons people started using

Karl Lentz asks What is United States Treasury?

In a recording of Karl Lentz on YouTube, Karl points out the checks for taxes are made payable to the ‘U.S. Treasury’, but the Federal Government only has what is called the Department of Treasury. I looked up the current

The Birth Certificate vs. Record of Live Birth

As far as I’ve read, there is the record of live birth signed at the hospital or the place where thou was born. This has thy name such as john smith. Then there is the birth certificate which notes the

Diana Ross will have a Vegas residency (as in temporary)

Sometimes the true meaning of words surfaces. Diana Ross had a ‘residency’ at a Las Vegas Hotel. The 72-year-old singer was due back in Las Vegas to finish her residency at The Venetian, which she kicked off earlier this month.

Added “it ain’t me” response to Winning at Court page

On the Winning at Court page, I added the method of returning the summons and any court documents; as in return-to-sender. I also changed the name of the page! It was ‘winning in court’ but of course no one living

California adds nonbinary as gender on B.C. as if gender matters

California adds non-binary as gender option on a birth certificate. For people who know the birth certificate is either proof of the creation of a corporation/trust or it is a bond for a trust or other matters, the ‘gender’ is

Duty means tax, not responsibility

Duty means tax

In a new video by Mark of the Simser family (aka ‘Mark Simser’), Mark says that the word ‘duty’ means tax, not a responsibility. Thou may have seen airport ‘duty free’ shops where one need not pay a tax, but

Florida teacher reprimands student taking knee during pledge (video)

video still - pledge of allegiance lyrics

A Florida school district confirmed a teacher should not have reprimanded a student for abstaining from saying the pledge of allegiance. (see video below) We certainly would not want to infringe on anyone’s rights. A lawyer says the Florida statute

Traveling versus driving – no license needed (video proof)

It is worth researching if the driver’s license is only for people being paid to transport other people or goods. The old and common definition for the word ‘driver’ was someone who drove a wealthy man/woman around all day. Like

More ways to win in court – page update

I added a few more recommended ways to win in court. Of course, one should not go into court in the first place. But if you/thou find thyself in court, here are potential ways to proceed. See the updated page.