Woman has baby in foyer because of irrational trip to hospital

Seth Myers, the talk show host, said his baby was born in the foyer of his apartment building, just before he and his wife had planned to travel to a hospital. The baby was actually in her sweatpants as they

Why would men and women come to a port?

i find it odd that an entrance to the country for men and women is called a port. i think they do this to pretend that everything is about shipping or commerce and that gives jurisdiction to the federal government

Las Vegas residents are the performers

The only real residents in Las Vegas are the performers staying and performing temporarily at the hotels. An inhabitant or a man or woman of Las Vegas is someone who lives permanently on the land of Las Vegas, the city, not “in”

New page about the title ‘Mister’

What a retired admiral said about the title ‘mister’ prompted me to finally created a related page. The retired admiral said that a new Navy recruit will be called by his family name initially. Then when he (or she) becomes

Page for Who’s who in court and what to say

I created a page for Mary’s essay: Court: Who’s Who and What to Say, and added this as an approach on the popular court page. Here’s the start: “My position on going to court has always been: never voluntarily to

“I am from one of the United States” is the correct phrase

“United States” can mean at least two things: the many states of the union and a corporation. There may also be a Supreme Court ruling that acknowledges ‘United States’ can mean three things. For this post, I will focus on

What does transport really mean?

From Bouvier’s Law dictionary, I learned that the word ‘transport’ means to send someone into exile. TRANSPORTATION, punishment. In the English law, this punishment is inflicted by virtue of sundry statutes; it was unknown to the common law. 2 H.

It’s the strawman. It’s the trust named FIRST LAST.

I know it’s been said that the strawman is the crux of the problem. Well, it is. What we call the name, that has a FIRST and LAST name, is actually a trust created by a corporate entity, whether it

They ask, “What is your address?” not “What is your home location?”

The word, address, is yet another word with an odd legal meaning. Bouvier’s law dictionary says that it means the ‘court where the plaintiff seeks his remedy‘. That’s a whole lot different from the word meaning ‘where one lives.’ I know

Policy officers – Poli-cee

Should the word ‘police’ be pronounced as ‘policy’ or ‘po-lease’? If I was learning English for the first time, I would think ‘policy’ or ‘poli-cee’. The policy officers are enforcing statutes or policies of the local corporation that calls itself