Florida teacher reprimands student taking knee during pledge (video)

video still - pledge of allegiance lyrics

A Florida school district confirmed a teacher should not have reprimanded a student for abstaining from saying the pledge of allegiance. (see video below) We certainly would not want to infringe on anyone’s rights. A lawyer says the Florida statute

Traveling versus driving – no license needed (video proof)

It is worth researching if the driver’s license is only for people being paid to transport other people or goods. The old and common definition for the word ‘driver’ was someone who drove a wealthy man/woman around all day. Like

More ways to win in court – page update

I added a few more recommended ways to win in court. Of course, one should not go into court in the first place. But if you/thou find thyself in court, here are potential ways to proceed. See the updated page.

Links corrected on top 10 reads

I corrected the links to the top 10 documents & books recommended by Yusuf El. I have not read all of them. So far, the book Paper Arrows was the most compelling. See the list.

Federal Income Tax applies to federal work or property ONLY (video)

This man explains that the federal income tax is an excise tax. If one exercises a federal privilege, then the tax applies. If you receive remuneration from a federal agency, then that remuneration would be considered wages and is taxable.

Banking video re-posted

Banks don't lend money - explained - video still of man talking in talk show setting

It’s now again possible to watch the video about how banks don’t loan money (they buy securities). Many thanks to @notporc for pointing out the broken video embed and for providing a link to a new video. See the video

Skips college, works at Facebook

College is for people who don’t have the skills or desire for full-time work. An 18-year-old is now working at Facebook, and didn’t need a college degree to get the position. He started as an intern, then was hired. This

Khan Academy Contest

From Khan Academy: “We’re proud to support the Breakthrough Junior Challenge video contest again this year. To qualify, create a short (under three minutes) video explaining a challenging concept in physics, mathematics, or the life sciences in an engaging, illuminating,

Man stands firm to police officer

A man knew his rights when a policy officer stopped him. The key point for me is that the police officer does not have a right to see an ID, therefore the officer says, “This is an opportunity to provide me

It’s a wage, but is thou an employee?

Remuneration is considered a ‘wage’, if the remuneration is paid to an ’employee’. However, is thou an employee? Here’s the definition of ‘wage’ from 26 USC 3401 Definitions: (a) Wages – For purposes of this chapter, the term “wages” means all remuneration