This site formerly was Libertarian Rock, an organization that organized protests against the San Diego curfew in 1997. Stage One was the protests and distributing anti-curfew stickers that theoretically provide the wearer a first amendment defense against the curfew. Stage Two was reporting on activists (Libertarian Rockstars) who protested curfews and other unfair restrictions on teenagers.

Stage Three – which is Educated in Law – focuses a diabolical scam that provides the basis for the curfew, mandatory schooling, the drinking age and many other rules throughout one’s life. A group of people created a club (called a society) and convinced other people to join the society and voluntarily accept the rules of the society. If thou are not a member of the society, the rules don’t apply: no curfew, no mandatory schooling, no drinking age, and so on. However, thou has been convinced that you must join the society. In fact, thou has been convinced that there is only one “society.” Read More

Former Introduction

Libertarian Rock helps and promotes activists — Libertarian Rockstars — who peacefully and legally fight back against unjust laws and harassment by politicians and government workers.

Libertarian is the name of a philosophy that states people own their bodies and own the product of their efforts. On the lifestyle side, this means someone can consume narcotics because each person owns his or her own body. On the economic side, this means when a person produces a product, the person owns the product and if the person sells the product, then the person owns the proceeds of the sale.

Democrats claim they are liberal but they are as dictatorial as the Republicans. Libertarians are the real liberals and will liberate people under 18-years-old from the near-totalitarian restrictions that control them. Libertarians will repeal curfews, mandatory schooling, employment restrictions, and the drinking age. Those under 18 will one day live free.