Former USofA military leaders hint at a coup

Seems like they’re hinting at a coup in this news article about former top generals saying they are having trouble maintaining the traditional relationship between the military and civilian worlds. Past Pentagon leaders warn of strains on civilian-military relations The Pentagon’s former defense secretaries and top generals warned Tuesday that political polarization and other societal […]

The USofA Constitution did not repeal or supersede The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union

Nowhere in The Constitution for The United States of America does it state that it repeals or supersedes The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. It’s common for new contracts to reference an old contract. If they make a new contract that is clearly inconsistent with a former contract, a court will hold that the earlier contract […]

EU downgraded to ‘international organization’. Will The USofA be next?

The Trump Administration downgraded the status of the European Union to ‘international organization‘, rescinding the ‘nation-state’ status. This is appropriate since the EU is not a nation-state, it is a union, as the word ‘union’ is in the name. The change affects the EU’s delegation to the USofA. This will hopefully slow, what I believe, […]

India, like most ‘countries’, is a federation, not a nation-state. Indian states are pushing back.

A recent article about India reveals the truth about the USofA political structure, which is a federation, not a nation-state. “Regional leaders have described the behavior of the central government, which holds more power than in federal systems like the United States’, as that of a colonial overlord. In the south, the most developed and […]

Portpass delayed or denied! Pressured by State Dept Kasahun: Mulat to provide ’employer’ and ‘zip code’ – Part 1 of State Dept Portpass experience

U.S. State Department has thus far denied my request for a travel papers as a state citizen! Much of it do to the pressure and lies from Kasahun: Mulat [Kasahun Mulat], employed for at least six years at State Department. Kasahun pressured me into adding (1) occupation (2) ’employer’ (3) a federal zip code. Fortunately, […]