Definitions in codes/statutes supersede common definitions. Terms supersede words.

If a statute or code has definitions, especially of common everyday words, then the definition in the statute/code supersedes the everyday definition! If ‘blue’ is defined as ‘yellow’ then blue means yellow for that statute, code, or chapter. Why else would a statute have a definition of a common term? For example, in everyday language, […]

Review of statutes/codes relating to Virginia driver’s license and registering a ‘vehicle’. Driving means for hire. Vehicles engage in trans-port.

I reviewed the STATE OF VIRGINIA statutes/codes relating to the for-hire activity called driving, as in truck driver, limo driver, and taxi driver. Driving is an occupation. — I’m not eligible for a driver’s license because not a “resident”. Resident is short for either resident alien (a foreigner) or resident agent, meaning someone who works […]

Let their be light! Incandescent light bulbs still lawful within the 50 states. Federal ban applies to territories only.

Making and trading [selling] incandescent light bulbs may be illegal within United States but it’s still lawful within the 50 states of the union. This is because United States does not mean the 50 states. United States means federal territories and federal land. Simplest proof is in the 14th Amendment, Section 3, which differentiates between […]

Cops let go man with no license and in car lacking plate. Audit the Audit refuses to accept reality. Arizona video.

Cops let go a man traveling in his car with no license plate and no license. Cops pretend they need to get to more important calls, but really they have no jurisdiction. Famous YouTuber, Audit the Audit, won’t believe the video. Says cops are right and traveler is wrong. Man does a great job, obviously. He had proof […]

Policé man says, “Are you refusing to give your first and last name?” The premise is a trap.

Policé man says, “Are you refusing to give your first and last name?”. The premise is a trap. I’m not ‘you’. Since I’m not ‘you’, I’m a man and not a person. Since I’m not a person, I don’t have to obey orders. Since I don’t have to obey orders, then I’m not refusing orders. Since we don’t […]