Bakers vs. Butchers: Why did the Constitution protect a baker but not a butcher? Comparing Masterpiece Bakeshop to Slaughterhouse Cases

Why could a Colorado baker in 2018 Supreme Court case claim the Constitution protects him from a State government, but a Louisiana butcher in 1869 could not? The baker won his case likely by claiming to be a U.S. citizen (a federal citizen), rather than a Colorado Citizen (a State Citizen). This might seem confusing to […]

The USofA Constitution did not repeal or supersede The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union

Nowhere in The Constitution for The United States of America does it state that it repeals or supersedes The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. It’s common for new contracts to reference an old contract. If they make a new contract that is clearly inconsistent with a former contract, a court will hold that the earlier contract […]

The “Conspiracy Theory” of the Fourteenth Amendment

GRAHAM, The “Conspiracy Theory” of the Fourteenth Amendment, 47 Yale L. J. 371 – 375 (1938): In an argument before the Supreme court of the United States in 1882(1) Roscoe Conkling, a former member of the Joint Congressional Committee which in 1866 drafted the Fourteenth Amendment, produced for the first time the manuscript journal of […]

IRS Jurisdiction – Just Leave Me Alone

Editor’s Notes: I do not know the original title to this book. The footnotes are not formatted. Footnotes occur at the original page breaks. Here is a PDF Version I.          Just leave me alone! (The reasons why you should allow your peace to be disturbed) Nothing upsets me quite as much as the know-it-all who […]

Affidavit for Passport, by Roger Sayles

Roger Sayles has used this affidavit on six different occasions, including to obtain a Florida photo ID, his social security retirement benefits and an official U.S. Passport (on three separate occasions,) all while claiming what he believes to be his rightful, sovereign status as a U.S. National. Two versions below, one for White Americans, and one for […]

Court Survival Guide

COURT SURVIVAL GUIDE IMPORTANT NOTICES This Survival Guide is offered as educational material only, and is by no means complete nor all-inclusive. There is a wealth of information here which can be applied to any case where a government agency is bringing a criminal action against a Citizen, such as traffic and IRS cases, the […]

Home Page Test

Videos/posts on YouTube and X Fundamentals: (1) Flip through these slides (2) review diagram of US vs USofA, (3) read these six PDFs, (4) watch Richard McDonald‘s overview, (5) read my intro, and (6) learn to speak like a simple man. Blog Posts 📝 More Posts >> | 📩 Subscribe For New People 🙋‍♂️ 1. Confirm […]