Bakers vs. Butchers: Why did the Constitution protect a baker but not a butcher? Comparing Masterpiece Bakeshop to Slaughterhouse Cases

Why could a Colorado baker in 2018 Supreme Court case claim the Constitution protects him from a State government, but a Louisiana butcher in 1869 could not? The baker won his case likely by claiming to be a U.S. citizen (a federal citizen), rather than a Colorado Citizen (a State Citizen). This might seem confusing to […]

The “Conspiracy Theory” of the Fourteenth Amendment

GRAHAM, The “Conspiracy Theory” of the Fourteenth Amendment, 47 Yale L. J. 371 – 375 (1938): In an argument before the Supreme court of the United States in 1882(1) Roscoe Conkling, a former member of the Joint Congressional Committee which in 1866 drafted the Fourteenth Amendment, produced for the first time the manuscript journal of […]

IRS Jurisdiction – Just Leave Me Alone

Editor’s Notes: I do not know the original title to this book. The footnotes are not formatted. Footnotes occur at the original page breaks. Here is a PDF Version I.          Just leave me alone! (The reasons why you should allow your peace to be disturbed) Nothing upsets me quite as much as the know-it-all who […]

Affidavit for Passport, by Roger Sayles

Roger Sayles has used this affidavit on six different occasions, including to obtain a Florida photo ID, his social security retirement benefits and an official U.S. Passport (on three separate occasions,) all while claiming what he believes to be his rightful, sovereign status as a U.S. National. Two versions below, one for White Americans, and one for […]

Court Survival Guide

COURT SURVIVAL GUIDE IMPORTANT NOTICES This Survival Guide is offered as educational material only, and is by no means complete nor all-inclusive. There is a wealth of information here which can be applied to any case where a government agency is bringing a criminal action against a Citizen, such as traffic and IRS cases, the […]