Change their forms! Most parts of the form are for persons/franchises. Strike and change field names such as “Permanent Address”.

United States assumes we are either U.S. Person franchises or are officers of the United States corporation or United States govt. All their forms assume the same. We either have to find the forms for non-resident aliens (such as the 1040 NR or W-8) or change their forms. For example, on the DS-11, one must […]

Review of statutes/codes relating to Virginia driver’s license and registering a ‘vehicle’. Driving means for hire. Vehicles engage in trans-port.

I reviewed the STATE OF VIRGINIA statutes/codes relating to the for-hire activity called driving, as in truck driver, limo driver, and taxi driver. Driving is an occupation. — I’m not eligible for a driver’s license because not a “resident”. Resident is short for either resident alien (a foreigner) or resident agent, meaning someone who works […]