State Dept has “Resident Offices”

The word ‘resident’ likely is a title in the federal government or a title in the UNITED STATES corporation. I recently noticed the U.S. Department of State has “Resident Offices”. I presume that ‘residents’ work there. If a magistrate or ‘policy/police officer asks me if i’m a resident, now i feel even more comfortable saying […]

The word “inhabitant” not “resident” is in the Articles of Confederation four times

As stated in other posts, the word ‘resident’ means to be temporarily in a location. So what is a better word? We can look at the Articles of Confederation which uses the word “inhabitant” four times, while the word “resident’ is not used. Here are three of the instances of “inhabitant”: The better to secure and […]

Movie pushes phrase “places of residence”, whereas I live in/at home

New movie called White Noise rotates around a chemical disaster after which the local policé/policy officers travel through the town blaring, “Evacuate all places of residence.” A simple man would of course say, “Evacuate” or “Evacuate thy home”. They’re saying ‘residence‘ because resident is a gov’t or corporate role and the policé officers ensure the […]