📽️: There are two birth certificates! Get the Certificate of Live Birth. The other one is for person/franchise/entity.

Learn about the Certificate of Live Birth completed at the hospital and which they withhold from mom and dad. It’s even now called ‘the worksheet’ to hide it’s value. The COLB shows one’s status and state natives/nationals can use this to prove their status. Don’t use the corporate/franchise Birth Certificate.

There are two birth certificates. One for the live birth. One for the LLC. Much of the deception starts here!

There are two birth certificates: Certificate of Live Birth: for the baby(!) born(!) at the hospital. Usually says date and time baby was born (not birthed) Birth Certificate: for the LLC/Franchise/Person, and this one is created, upon request, days or weeks later Note: Scroll down to learn how to order the right one, from the right source. […]

Beware the Birth Certificate

When I started a corporation to sell a product, I received a certificate from the state. Then I received a nine-digit ID number from possibly the IRS. I couldn’t help but notice how I am also asked to identify myself with a ‘birth certificate‘ and a nine-digit social security number. Where I stand now is that […]