They used to speak French. Now they speak Legal. Legal society uses same words, but different definitions.

Interesting that we accept the dictionary has the everyday ‘definition’ of a word and also the ‘Legal Definition’ of the same word. They don’t hide the fact that they are speaking a different language with different definitions of the same words. Not surprising since the rich used to speak French, even in England, while the […]

They speak French so flip their words – ‘law merchant’ is ‘merchant law’, ‘passport’ is ‘portpass’

Intro Even diehard proponents of the topics covered here are still not translating French words and this leads to confusion. Statute Merchant is Merchant Statute Citizenship is Ship Citizen Passport is Port Pass Understand is Stand Under Law Merchant is Merchant Law Statute Staple is Staple Statute Commerce refers business on the water – ‘Mer’ […]

There are two birth certificates. One for the live birth. One for the LLC. Much of the deception starts here!

There are two birth certificates: Certificate of Live Birth: for the baby(!) born(!) at the hospital. Usually says date and time baby was born (not birthed) Birth Certificate: for the LLC/Franchise/Person, and this one is created, upon request, days or weeks later Note: Scroll down to learn how to order the right one, from the right source. […]

Intel suspect to be tried in District of Massachusetts. Meaning the district, not the State.

The National Guard employee charged with stealing and distributing confidential documents will be charged in a place called District of Massachusetts. That’s the un-contiguous federal land within Massachusetts (the state). In this video, the attorney general stated: “he [the suspect] will have an initial appearance at the U.S. District court for the District of Massachusetts.” (source video) […]

Local bank confirms security number not required. The social security number or any other security number.

[Update: this page now has a YouTube version.] A local bank confirmed a security number is not required for a bank account; meaning the ‘social’ security number or any other security number. But rather than just walk in and bring a print-out of the gov’t website stating a security number is not required, I sent […]

There are state citizens and federal citizens. Don’t say US citizen.

There are state citizens (of the 50 states) and there are federal citizens (in the territories). Don’t say the phrase U.S. citizen because it is intentionally confusing and almost ambiguous. Question: “Am you a U.S. Citizen?” Answer: “I am a state citizen of ________” As shrewd debaters do, don’t accept their premise. Answer the question […]