Identity means Entity ID, which describes a business, not living men or women. Thou does not have an ‘identity’ (or a NAME).

When thou is asked for thy ‘ID’ or ‘identity’. They are really asking for your Entity ID. This is because they can’t deal with man, they can only deal with corporations. In most cases, UNITED STATES and STATE OF VERMONT (for example) and COUNTY OF _____ and CITY OF ______ are all corporations. And since […]

Tax form says ‘individual’ means ‘sole-proprietor’. Individual is not a man. It means a company, an entity.

A tax form i came across revealed part of the deception about the tax on federal income. The tax form, on a vendor site, lists ‘entity‘ options, and the first option in the list is “individual / sole proprietor”. Hence, this likely means when IRS refers to an individual, IRS means a company of one. […]

FBI arrests Babylon Bee actor, but first asked for a name. Proves they need the name. They need man to admit to being agent to the name/person/entity.

If the FBI is at an airfield to take someone into their control, they know who they want. They don’t need to ask for a name. But they do. And they did just before ‘arresting’ [the agent/mister] for the ship/person named ‘Siaka Massaquoi’. They spoke to the man called Siaka of the Massaquoi family. They […]

Hiring ‘BAR card fraudsters’ gives court jurisdiction over people. Video 📺of Bonnie:Straight

Video by Bonnie: Straight explains: the act of hiring a BAR card fraudster gives court jurisdiction over thee. Don’t hire a B.A.R. card fraudster CPS is a corporate entity. Corporations need a contract in order to enforce their contract law upon thee Clearfield supreme court case says that if governments act like or through corporations, […]

Affidavit of Owner – from Red Right & Blue

From Red Right & Blue on Rumble.   Private Registration in the House of Flintstone; Custodia Legis.  Declaration by Affidavit  of Ownership and Administration         RE: Live Birth Document– XX State File Number ########## US Department of State File Number ##########  State of XXXXXXXXXX   Authentication Dated: Xxxxxxx ##, ####;  US Department of State: Xxxxxxx ##, […]