Fundamentals 3: Your Flags by Anna Von Reitz

Fundamentals 3: Your Flags By Anna Von Reitz Every country on Earth has both a martial flag, otherwise known as a “war flag” and a civil flag known as a “peace flag”. They also have a military — armed forces in charge of the war flag, and a civilian service –civilian government employees in charge […]

Anna’s Five Key Steps

Notice: all the details on this site are complicated. Statutes may apply to thou, if thou has contracts with the entity issuing the statutes. By visiting this site, thou indemnifies the authors. (Why do I use ‘thou’?) Getting your own political status cleaned up is Job One. (I think she means authenticate the long-form birth certificate) […]

Hiring ‘BAR card fraudsters’ gives court jurisdiction over people. Video 📺of Bonnie:Straight

Video by Bonnie: Straight explains: the act of hiring a BAR card fraudster gives court jurisdiction over thee. Don’t hire a B.A.R. card fraudster CPS is a corporate entity. Corporations need a contract in order to enforce their contract law upon thee Clearfield supreme court case says that if governments act like or through corporations, […]

Paper Arrows – text

Paper Arrows   Thine arrows are sharp in heart of the King’s enemies. (Psalms 45:5)   EXCERPTS FROM HOWARD GRISWOLD   FOREWARD   The format of this information is different than most that you have seen. The differences were placed there for the very purpose of helping you to understand and think through the huge […]