Video – Florida policy officers pressure man to id-entity as the U.S. person franchise. Man stands his ground!

See video below. 7:48 she keeps asking ‘do you understand?’ because this question technically means ‘do you agree you are bound by these statutes?’. Always need to answer, ‘me overstand’. And don’t say “I” which could be heard as ‘Aye’. 5:53 Woman officer says, “first things first…we need to identify who we’re talking to.” This […]

Transcript with time-stamps for Richard MacDonald’s State Citizen presentation at The Granada Forum, 2005

 Transcript  00:00:03  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Granada Forum on June 17th, a Friday night. We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Richard MacDonald, a man who’s a maverick in his field for over 30 years in the law. He’s a law researcher, educator and state citizenship. So let’s give […]

Guest Post: Dealing with state tax board, get new DL with no ‘us citizen’, get passport with no ‘us citizen’

Guest Post RE: FTB [Franchise Tax Board] it’s very important, if you stop filing 540 and FTB is getting 1099s or W2, they will send you a letter. You must send them a letter stating you corrected your citizenship with social security admin. From US citizen to other. You mother signed you up as a […]

Hiring ‘BAR card fraudsters’ gives court jurisdiction over people. Video 📺of Bonnie:Straight

Video by Bonnie: Straight explains: the act of hiring a BAR card fraudster gives court jurisdiction over thee. Don’t hire a B.A.R. card fraudster CPS is a corporate entity. Corporations need a contract in order to enforce their contract law upon thee Clearfield supreme court case says that if governments act like or through corporations, […]

Local bank confirms security number not required. The social security number or any other security number.

[Update: this page now has a YouTube version.] A local bank confirmed a security number is not required for a bank account; meaning the ‘social’ security number or any other security number. But rather than just walk in and bring a print-out of the gov’t website stating a security number is not required, I sent […]