AMA: Questions about traveling in auto for people who are not state nationals

  1. They use the word ‘operating’ a ‘motor vehicle’ which means to run a taxi or cargo business. So it seems that status is irrelevant.
  2. The DMV usually has the MCO. Most people at DMV don’t know about this. Keep going up the chain of command. That’s what Richard McDonald would recommend. It’s a process. via phone calls or letters.
  3. I read in The True History that even the word ‘owner’ is a legal term. Get the MCO and the auto mobile is thy thing to use as thou sees fit. It’s basically almost impossible to speak because of the deceptive words we’ve been taught.
  4. Title is bullshit. They took the MCO then ‘splite the title’ and gave thou mere possession.
  5. No need to register if one has the MCO. Register means to basically give over to the King. Regis.
  6. Me has only heard ‘allodial’ refer to land. But it’s likely the same thing. Maybe we should say we have allodial title to the auto once one has the MCO.
  7. I wrote recently that one might have to import an auto to get the MCO at the port. Then use it from there.

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