We have un-alienable rights, not constitutional rights. Cite Declaration of Independence, not Constitution

We don’t have 2nd Amendment rights. We don’t have a constitutional right to carry a firearm. Instead, we have unalienable rights to defend ourselves and join together to form a militia. These rights were stated in the Declaration of Independen

Further, the Constitution for the United States of America is a limit on the federation government, not state or local governments. If the federation, such as ATF or FBI, tries to interfere with thy unalienable rights, then, yes, bring up the Constitution, since it’s limits the federation’s power and that of its agencies.

But if one’s state (not the corp STATE OF ___) tries to interfere with thy unalienable rights, then cite the state constitution, not the federation constitution. The federation constitution does not apply.

If a municipal corporation, such as UNITED STATES or STATE OF TEXAS or CITY OF KANSAS CITY tries to interfere with thy unalienable rights, then first ask their agents and policé officers to prove jurisdiction, which they can’t unless thou hangs thyself, figuratively speaking. These municipal corporations can only act upon the persons (ships/franchises) they created. It’s not about unalienable rights in this case, it’s about whether one is acting in a corporate capacity. That is the key issue. Constitutions of the state or federation do not matter. In fact, they may be called frivolous.

Anyone may engage in voluntary slavery, I think. So if one wants to take the benefits of these municipal corporations in exchange for being a subject citizen, then one has the freedom to do this. But if thou wants to live as a free American, then one would rebut any claim about acting in a corporate capacity.

Assert thy unalienable rights, not ‘constitutional rights’.

If it is appropriate to bring up the Constitution of the united States of America, then one would explain how this limits the federation body. Basically, ‘you (plural) can’t do that! See the contract. See the charter.’

The Constitution specifies clearly what the federation body can and cannot do. They will try to do much more if thou does not assert thy unalienable rights.


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2 comments on “We have un-alienable rights, not constitutional rights. Cite Declaration of Independence, not Constitution

  1. I don’t believe this is entirely true. The states can indeed tax the people IF they opt into the system (contract, say?) by gaining privileges or benefits they wouldn’t ordinarily have. The biggest version of this that comes to my mind is the use of the state created insurance market; if a people has property and wants to utilize the state insurance markets to share the liability of a disaster or theft or (xyz), then they normally register the property with the state to take advantage of the state created and regulated insurance markets. This is ALL within the power of the creators of government to do. We can most certainly take advantage of those markets, BUT we agree to be subject to certain requirements of the state when we do. There are caveats to this under certain circumstances, but as a general rule, this is how most make themselves liable for property tax and other rules/regs of governments.

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