Their common ploy: deception from the start. MCO for the automobile, COLB for the baby, allodial title

The people behind the curtains use many ways to deceive Americans into forgoing their unalienable rights. One common approach is to dupe State nationals into giving up their rights at the start by contract, then forcing them to abide by a code and legislation that applies to that contract. Here are three examples.

One, the state corporation has told automobile dealers they must send the MCO for the auto to DMV. Once DMV owns the car, who ever uses it must abide by the codes of DMV and the state corporation. The duped American applies for Cert of Title, which merely means right to possess it, not that one owns it. The duped American receives the property tag (aka license plate) and attaches it to the DMV’s car.

Instead, the American could have maybe imported an automobile from another nation-state and received the MCO. Then the car belongs to the American. The American also needs to avoid the ‘driving’ scam.

Second, the state corporation uses a scare campaign about the perils of babies being born as a means to dupe Americans into traveling to a (foundling) hospital as the place for the baby to be born. It is this act of delivering the baby to a doctor (dock-yard) and providing a maiden (meaning unwed) name that makes the baby a ward of the state. At that point, the mom and dad are mere parents/guardians and the state corporation can take the baby at any time. The solution is to rebut the claim of abandonment and use the COLB to show dad owns the baby (yes, the baby is the dad’s property).

Third, the true owner of land (dirt) has the allodial title. Supposedly if one looks at the deed recorded in the county recorder office, the supposed owner is called the tenant. At some point during land trades dating back possibly 100+ years, someone mistakenly gave allodial title to the county or county corporation, making it county land. Then the county corporation could tax their tenant henceforth. The solution is possibly to go back to the deception trade, then post statement at sheriff’s office that the land is now going back to the rightful owner.

The essence is that we must correct/rebut the original mistake, then proceed as the free, sovereign Americans that we are.

Want inspiration, read the Declaration of Independence.

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