Statute of Limitations is a statute, not common law. ‘P Diddy’, ‘Kevin Spacey’ and others could be tried by a jury

Lots of talk lately about the statute of limitations in various states and cities after release of video of ‘P Diddy’ beating his girlfriend in the hotel hallway eight years ago. Everyone throws up their hands when the District Attorney (which district?) says the crime occurred beyond the statute of limitations. Well I expect in common law, there is no limitation. There is the decision of 12 people on the jury. If one can convince a crime did occur, whether it was eight years ago or 80 years ago, then the perp will be punished.

This type of court case would be in a common law court. Never heard of that? Thou and me both. Everyone must get a fair trial and be allowed to question whomever is making a claim and any witnesses. But that’s about where the rights of the accused end.

The woman beaten by ‘P Diddy’ could press on with a common law action against him. The many men who say ‘Kevin Spacey’ (the man) sexually groped them could also pursue a common law action.

A jury may or may not be surprised it took 10 or 20 years for someone to come forward. The shame of being a victim of a sexual attack will keep many people quiet for some time. When a victim does feel comfortable coming forward, well they will have a tougher time proving what happened, but it’s not impossible.

Let’s all just not forget that aside from Legal courts, Sharia courts and NBA courts, there are common law courts.

Statutes come from the idea of merchant statutes, which were the policies/rules of the seaside trading zones where ship-based merchants would offer their products. As these merchants sailed from place to place, they wanted and got permission to have special zones with their own rules, separate from the common law of the land.

But, fast forward to today, and we have these same merchants pretending that everywhere on land is part of their trading zones. Rebut this assertion! There may be a ‘statute of limitations’ on the seashore and on ships, but, my friend, we’re on land.

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