Fighting organized crime is hard, especially when it’s governments

Does one really want to challenge claims that one is ‘driving’ and risk being dragged out of a car and brought to jail for a up to 48 hours? Well, the only easy day was yesterday. Fighting deceptions, such as the claim we are driving for hire, can be difficult. But are we going to let the deception continue forever? Are we going to live as subjects, instead of as free Americans?

Now this does not mean risking one’s life and not obeying orders under duress. It means fighting back in a measured way to non-violently assert one’s unalienable rights to travel, trade in silver and gold, build on allodial-title land, and many other freedoms won back in 1776.

Countless cities in history have been controlled by organized crime syndicates we see portrayed in the movies. Many people went along with it. Others fought back.

There is less at risk when fighting the government corporations because they have limits on what they will do and the people working for these corporations don’t want to go to jail themselves. In many cases, they will let a traveler continue on a road if they cannot get that traveler to make a mistake and fall under the jurisdiction of the policé officers.

There is strength in numbers. The policé officers can’t pull us all over. Eventually the Berlin Wall came down and the guards walked away from their posts.

Let us learn about our unalienable rights and assert them through our actions and written words. Bring a pen and paper with thee at all times to write out rebuttals. Put it on paper otherwise they will ‘hear’ their definitions of terms that were formerly words.

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