In many cases, it’s not the government. It’s a corporation created by the government.

Spoke with someone the other day who was concerned about battling the government about allodial title, driving vs traveling, etc. Well, the truth is that in many cases, it’s a corporation sending the letters and that corporations policé/policy force upholding statutes, not laws. We are free people and to get around that, the governments, which we created to guard our unalienable rights, deviously created corporations with similar names, such as City of Kansas City, to then apply codes and merchant statutes to artificial persons they also created and then convinced people to operate as.

Meaning a letter from City of Kansas City is not the same as a letter from Kansas City. It’s similar to the question stated in the 50-slide introductory presentation: “United States contacted me.” “Which United States?” Because even United States, in Congress Assembled, created United States corporation to then trick Americans into subjecting themselves via the artificial person.

There’s a famous court case that states if a government operates as a corporation, then it lowers itself to the level of corporations.

Of course, even the actual state and local governments, if any actually exist anymore, are below the American people who created these governments. State nationals did not fight a revolutionary war to then subject themselves to a new faux King.


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