Mexican man described as national. Always the case with people from without USA.

News article describes man as a Mexican national, not a Mexican citizen and not Mexican citizen ship. Though it may it first seem odd describe oneself as a Ohio state national or Ohio native, be rest assured that using the word ‘national’ instead of ‘citizen’ (ship) is perfectly acceptable.

Prosecutors argued that Mr. Kelly shot and killed an “unarmed migrant” identified as Mexican national Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea, but the defense has challenged whether forensics evidence and the autopsy report can definitively support that Buitimea was even killed by Kelly’s gun. Testimony revealed that the deadly bullet was never recovered from the scene where Buitimea’s body was found. (source)

Technically, the man is not a Mexican national because Mexico is a union, not a nation-state. Mexico is a union of many, many states. He is a national of his nation-state that is part of the Mexico union or federation.

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