They used to speak French. Now they speak Legal. Legal society uses same words, but different definitions.

Interesting that we accept the dictionary has the everyday ‘definition’ of a word and also the ‘Legal Definition’ of the same word. They don’t hide the fact that they are speaking a different language with different definitions of the same words.

Not surprising since the rich used to speak French, even in England, while the poor spoke English. THe commoners could not comprehend what was going on. They carry on the same ruse today, though they use Legal (language), not French. Though they still use French as well.

Online Websters dictionary presents the Legal definition, when it differs from the everyday or non-rich version.

Screenshot of Webster's dictionary entry with arrow pointing to the 'Definition' and arrow pointing to the 'Legal Definition'

In a way, law school, the three-year stint, is partly a language school.

As one might say, “Does thou speak French?”, one might also say, “Does thou speak Legal?”

What to do about this? Write out everything, be concise, and define any word that could have an alternative ‘Legal’ meaning.


Related to this is the way Legal society people ‘hear’ completely different words at their ‘hearings’. We say birth of a child, they hear berth (with an e) of a child or for a child (of a parent corporation).

And of course we simply have brainwashing to ignore how the word ‘ship’ has been added to ‘citizen ship’ and ‘township’. We think it’s benign and couldn’t possibly mean a boat, but they hear ‘boat’. Citizen ship is a ship in their world, and ships go through ports (what else would they use?), and require port-passes.

This is also why they use the term ‘port of entry‘ to describe the land-based, land-locked areas where people are entering Texas and other border states from Mexico Union. It’s not really a port, but if they call it a port and no one rebuts this, then it may as well be a port.

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