The Masons have secret handshakes. Is that why we shake hands? Me does not.

The Free Masons have special handshakes according to the diagram below. Is this why we are encouraged to shake hands with people during an introduction?

Me stopped shaking hands more than a year ago, and learning about a possible Masonic connection just adds another reason to avoid this practice.

Masonic handshakes - five illustrations and descriptions

I stopped shaking hands during an introduction partly because:

  1. people put their hands in odd places
  2. it’s unnecessary
  3. me does not want to enter into a contract inadvertently

I usually say, “I only shake on contracts.”

Entire cultures don’t shake hands. The Japanese bow to each other.

The point of an introduction is to learn about each other and remember what someone is called!

And don’t get me started about me shaking the hands of the wives of other men. That of course should never happen.

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