Not ‘commuting’ either! Since ‘commute’ is yet another finance term. “I’m traveling.”

Add ‘commute’ to the list of finance words applied to the action traveling in a car from point A to point B. Commute, as it turns out, means:

to convert (something, such as a payment) into another form. ‘The periodic payments may be commutedinto a lump sum.’ (dictionary source)

They describe everything in a financial way because they must describe everything in a financial way. They must do this because the entire premise is the person/franchise, which is a company. And not just a company, but one of their franchises that must follow their ‘code’ of (merchant) statutes.

Later in the definition, they claim ‘commute’ makes sense because one is ‘exchanging’ one location for another. I think that’s a stretch.

The new list is as follows:

  • I’m traveling to work, not commuting.
  • I’m traveling, not driving (for hire).
  • Anyone in the car is a man or woman, not a (paying) passenger.
  • We’re not stuck in ‘traffic’ because we’re not trafficking any goods.
  • Me also did not register (donate) the car to DMV. It’s not part of a registry of goods owned by the DMV.
  • Even if I have a driver’s license, I’m not using it now, because, wait for it, I’m not driving (for hire).
  • I have the MCO for the car, meaning I own it.

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2 comments on “Not ‘commuting’ either! Since ‘commute’ is yet another finance term. “I’m traveling.”

  1. Another word for the list: Vehicle, describes a machine used for business purposes. Instead use an automobile.

    1. Great. Will thou post a link to sample code with this definition? Me studying this topic now, so timely.

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