Divorce of what? Land sales also use the word ‘divorce’

They claim the ‘divorce’ is between a man and woman but in their parallel commercial world where they love to re-venue into to, ‘divorce’ can also describe land sales and likely any separation. The man and woman think they are getting a divorce, when in the commercial hearing/view, their persons/franchises are divorcing.

We have here a land ad that explains the mineral in the land were ‘divorced’ from the building rights on the land.

Tract 1 is 48.83 Acres, Karnes County Located 16 minutes South of ____, _____. “FOR SALE”. Minerals Available for Purchase Separate from Property “for Original 100 Acres before Divorce”. No production or active mineral leases on the property.

Land for sale ad. Mentions "for Original 100 Acres before Divorce"

The phase ‘for sale’ can also be heard as ‘for sail’ at their court hearings. They hear what they want to hear. Which is why Karl of the Lentz family says put everything in writing and be concise! One or two sentences max.

It’s safe to assume that everything they say is commercial, from the military draft to custody of ‘children’ to ‘intercourse.

We must always use our our terms or use their terms and have an affidavit defining the terms.

The website ‘Living in the Private’ has many tables showing the flesh-and-blood words and phrases on one side and the commercial terms and phrases on the other. https://livingintheprivate.blogspot.com/p/home.html.


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