Attorney does not mean counsel. Just means authorized agent.

The word attorney means:

  1. one who is legally appointed to transact business on another’s behalf”
  2. a person authorized to act on another’s behalf

It does not mean lawyer and it does not mean counsel.

Some say that only imbeciles or wards need an attorney. They can’t act on their own. They have turned over their rights to someone else to manage. This is why older people give someone the power of attorney.

But someone who still has mental and physical abilities only needs a counsel, meaning “advice given especially as a result of consultation.” Don’t get an attorney. Get someone who can provide counsel and if necessary speak on thy behalf. Getting an attorney is too much.

Here is a Dept of Homeland Security form that uses the words attorney and representative interchangeably:

Dept of Homeland Security form shows field for Attorney/Representative

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