Tempted to request renewal of person’s portpass, as I wait for the portpass for me, the man

Because Kasahun Mulat and others at U.S. Department of State have thus far not provided travel papers (portpass/passport) to me as a man, a state national, I’m tempted to ask them to renew the one for the person (FIRST LAST)!

They would ask if I submitted an application already, I would say, “The person, FIRST LAST, does not have an active application.” Sure, I have an application for me, the man, the state national, but that’s entirely different.

This would seem to be technically allowed and could help prove the person evidenced by the ‘short-form’ birth certificate is not the same as the baby whose born event was recorded with the ‘certificate of live birth’ as the hospital.

The 2nd application, for the person, would have the (social) security number of the person. Whereas my application, for the man, did not have a security number (obviously!).

The idea occurred to me as I wait for them to try to create a tax liability that they could then use to not issue me travel papers (portpass/passport).

I might also contact the Sec of State for my home state to see if they can provide travel papers. I’ve always wanted to do that, anyway. I don’t need a portpass because I’m not using the ports and not engaged in commerce!

Read more about my difficult trip to ‘Washington Passport Agency’:

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One comment on “Tempted to request renewal of person’s portpass, as I wait for the portpass for me, the man

  1. Good evening & thank you ever so much for putting together this magnificently put together, yet evolving piece of work. Seriously, thank you! I have been at a stand still for quite some time with regards to me, the man applying for my state national port-pass. Over the past couple of years I have seen several different examples of how one might want to go about doing so to include the above example. I am in no position to question any of the methods I only know the obstacles I have to face in their statutes, so “Laws”, and Departmental jargon which all ends up circling back to the beginning where the State Dept. decided they won’t issue certificates of non-citizenry due to the small amount of requests. That on top of some very careful word crafting. All in all, the example above is yet another potential means for proceeding but I do have some questions as they pertain to their instructions, statutes and/or laws; such as not submitting current port-pass or providing SS# etc. If anyone might lend some further insight I would be eternally grateful. One thing is for sure and that is now that I have been exposed to these truths or begin to know these things I am unable to forget them ot simply let them go. What’s right is right! Thanks again.

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